Custom Women's Clothing

“Nothing feels as great as tailoring that’s been crafted to suit you and only you.”

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A perfect fit guarantee.

By customizing your own clothing, you are guaranteed unique and individual pieces, perfectly fitted to your body.

How it works

“Custom made-to-measure clothing, with a perfect fit guarantee.”



Your Personal Clothier meets with you, at the luxury of your own schedule, in your home, office or over the phone. Your time and convenience are our highest priorities.



You and your Clothier select the perfect attire for your business, casual, social and formal needs – choosing from a wide range of fabrics and an array of features and options.



Using a pattern that is solely and exclusively yours, Soho by Stylefairy crafts your garments to your exact specifications in our own facilities.



We hand-deliver your garments, making any final alterations that may be needed. Your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed. We will delight you, no matter what.